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Halcyon Palms

Fractional Ownership

Fractional Ownership

Fractional ownership is a fantastic opportunity where unconnected buyers collectively and securely own the freehold of a property whilst enjoying fantastic benefits…and this opportunity is available across the luxury Halcyon Palms villas.

Some of the fantastic benefits include:

  • You own a share of the ‘bricks and mortar’, not just time in it
  • Low purchase costs and affordable ongoing costs
  • Enjoy luxury holidays for much less than buying outright
  • You can sell it and realise its potential capital growth

In the case of Halcyon Palms, just £28,875 gives you a 1/13th fraction in an incredible 4 bedroom villa and £40,425 gives you the same share in a 7 bedroom villa. Of course, you can buy more than one. The other fractions are purchased by other buyers and collectively you are ‘fractional members’ of the entire villa.

All furniture and completion costs are included in the purchase price, making fractional ownership at Halcyon Palms in Florida a fantastic, hassle-free opportunity.

Outright ownership is also available – contact us for current updates and availability.

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